8 November 2018
Alron Odour Control-DF GreenMint. Product mask odor with scent mint
Odour Control-DF Green Mint
7 February 2019
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Odour Control-DF Citrus

Odour Control-DF is used to change the odour profile before or after a remediation. Odour Control DF is available in odourless and eight odour profiles with specific uses. The "citrus" odour profile is specifically designed for use in fire and smoke damage. Odour Control-DF is applied with a thermal sealant.

Packaging: 12x1L | 3x5L

Hazard: May cause an allergic skin reaction. (H317) Causes severe eye damage. (H318)

Article number: .LT205 Categories: ,

Ready-to-use solution of essential oils for odour remediation by thermal fogging with dry fogger, for indoor use.

Maximalt: 0,5 – 1L per 1000m³
OBS! Luktkontroll-DF är mycket potent. Fogga hellre medlet försiktigt fler gångar än en gång för mycket.