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2 June 2020
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25 November 2020
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Bio-Fresh Triple Action Natural

Microbiological agent for odor control and cleaning. The product is an unscented version of Bio-Fresh Triple Action and contains, in addition to microorganisms, an amino acid complex that provides extra nutrition to the microorganisms, which accelerates the decomposition process. Bio-Fresh Triple Action Natural is nature's own solution to odor control and is far superior to all other alternatives from an environmental point of view.

Packaging: 12x1L | 3x5L   

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Bio-Fresh Triple Action Naturell combines the best microbiological and physical methods of olfactory control. Fast-acting olfactory control is achieved by an amino acid complex that binds up and deactivates all types of rotten, rancid or fish odor, without distorting the olfactory image with added perfume. Permanent odour control is achieved by subsequent microbiological degradation of bound as well as free smelly substances.

For Bio-Enzymatic cleaning and odour control of toilet areas and bathrooms, wet areas, garbage rooms, garbage containers, carpets, textiles, etc. For industry and households. Triple Action Naturell is an unscented alternative that is gentle on allergy sufferers and olfactory people or for cases where masking of the prevailing olfactory pattern is not desirable. A biological solution to problems with bad odors from all types of organic waste such as milk, blood, urine, feces, cat urine, vomit, vomit, etc.

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