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28 February 2016
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15 March 2016
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Bio-Fresh Triple Action

Microbiological agent for odour control and cleaning. The product is a further development of Bio-Fresh and contains in addition to microorganisms also another fragrance profile and an amino acid complex that gives the bacteria extra nutrients which accelerates the degradation process. Bio-Fresh Triple Action is nature's own solution to odour control and is completely superior to all other environmental options.

Packaging: 12x1L | 3x5L   

Warning: may cause allergic skin reaction. (H317) Causes severe eye irritation. (H319)

Article number: .BT105 Category:

Triple Action combines the best microbiological and physical methods for odour control. Fast-acting odour control is achieved through an amino acid complex that binds up and deactivates all types of rotten, rancid or fish odour, and by alteration of the olfactory image with natural essential oils. Permanent odour control is achieved by subsequent microbiological decomposition of bound as well as free odourous substances.

For Bio-enzymatic cleaning and odour control of toilet spaces and bathrooms, wet areas, garbage, garbage containers, carpets, textiles etc. For industry and households. Triple Action does not mask bad odours but is a biological solution to problems with odours from all types of organic waste such as milk, blood, urine, faeces, katturin, vomiting etc.

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