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5 November 2018
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6 November 2018
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Bio Sanér

Alron Bio Saner Proffs is nature's own solution to the problem of bad odours from toilets and septic tanks. The product is a microbiological toilet sanitizer for all types of biological, chemical, latrine and sludge toilets. Alron Bio Saner Proffs contains naturally occurring microorganisms that break down and prevent the spread of foul smelling substances in faeces, as well as accelerating and facilitating composting. Also contains a pine bark fragrance essence for acute masking of bad odours.

Packaged: 12x1L | 6×2,5L | 3x5L | 1x25L |

(For larger volumes please contact us)

Danger: Causes serious eye damage. (H318) Harmful if swallowed. (H302)

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Chemical toilets - 1dl in empty tank, add 1-2L water.
Biological toilets - 1dl per section. Dose also in flush tank.

Sludge toilets:

200L tank: 1L Bio Saner add 60L water.
500L tank: 2,5L Bio Saner add 140L water
720L tank: 3,5L Bio Saner add 200L water

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