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22 November 2021
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Oxydes®HP3 is a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant in ready-to-use solution (3%) for both professional and everyday cleaning. Oxydes®HP3 has proven (EN14476, EN13697) virucidal, bactericidal as well as fungicidal efficacy (>99.99%) making it versatile and highly effective on a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungal and yeast cells.
Oxydes®HP3 contains no chlorine or alcohol, is odourless and colourless, leaves no health or environmentally hazardous residues, is non-flammable and does not adversely affect the treatment surface.

Packaging: 12x1L | 3x5L

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Application :
The surface to be treated is lightly moistened by spraying. Avoid overdosage in the form of rinsing or fluid accumulation. Oxydes®HP3 is applied with a low pressure sprayer, spray bottle or with a wipe (can also be applied with ULV-Microjet).

1. Apply the agent to the treatment surface.

2. Allow the surface to air dry (give the agent time to act about 5 minutes).

3. Any traces of Oxydes®HP3 can be wiped with a damp cloth.

OBS! Avoid wiping if long-term protection of the surface is desired.

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