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Environmental & efficiency in harmony

Our goal is to transform research results in the areas of microbiology, organic chemistry and surface chemistry into practical ly useful products and methods with the least possible environmental impact in production use and divestment.

The aim is also to offer our customers products and methods, resulting in the least possible impact on health and the environment, without sacrificing efficiency and at a reasonable cost and in our manufacturing to apply the best technical expertise to ensure a high product safety and minimal impact of the environment.

By using nature's own resources in the form of microorganisms instead of chemically produced preparations and toxins. Our efforts to utilize nature's own resources have resulted in solutions without environmentally damaging residues with broad application areas in countless industries.

Alron product catalogue 2022


Alron har idag ett av världens mest sofistikerade och miljöriktiga produktsortiment för desinfektion,
mögelsanering och luktkontroll.


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