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Welcome to Alron, Scandinavia's leading supplier of peroxide-based & microbiological products, systems and services to the sanitation industry.

We offer a unique range of products for disinfection, waste degradation and odor control that utilize nature's own resources in the form of microorganisms instead of chemically produced preparations.

Odour Control

For decades, Alron has conducted research in the field of odor control and odor modification. The research results have generated a range of products that have the task of modifying/distorting a prevailing odor image. Each product has a carefully selected scent profile intended to control different types of odor damage.

Microbiological agents

Microbiological agents for remediation, waste degradation and odor control. We simply use nature's own methods and resources in the form of microorganisms in our bio-products to solve "natural" problems and thus offer more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Alron Citrox ®

An acidic oxidizing and disinfecting agent with a cleaning effect. Well suited for use in wet areas as well as for cleaning facades from algae, black mold and other biological growth.

Most wanted products

Alron products for mold remediation

Environment & efficiency in harmony

Our aim is to transform research results in the fields of microbiology,
organic chemistry and surface chemistry into practically useful products and methods with the
minimal environmental impact during production, use and disposal.

The aim is also to offer our customers products and methods that result in the
least possible impact on health and the environment, without compromising efficiency and at a
reasonable cost, and to apply the best technical expertise in our manufacturing to
ensure a high level of product safety and minimal impact on the environment.

By utilizing nature's own resources in the form of microorganisms instead of chemically
produced preparations and toxins. Our efforts to utilize nature's own resources
have resulted in solutions without environmentally harmful residues with broad applications in
countless industries.

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