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15 February 2017
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Patriot Pulsjet Fogger

The Patriot Pulsjet Fogger is a portable gasoline-powered thermal fogger with pump start for dry/warm fogging of oil-based agents (Alron's "-DF" products). The Patriot produces a fine, dry smoke with droplet sizes down to 0.5μ, providing an effective spreading and penetration effect. The machine's coverage capacity of 900m3 /min makes it exceptionally effective at sealing smaller spaces such as attics and crawl spaces as well as larger industrial premises and warehouses etc.

Levereras komplett med: Transportlåda, batterier samt 12 VDC (biluttag adapter), reparations-kit (basic), axelrem.


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Drivmedel: Bensin 95 okt
Bränsleförbrukning: 1,1L /h
Bränsletank volym: 0,8L
Flöde: 0 – 19L /h
Manuell start: 8st alk. batterier typ ”D” eller 12 VDC (biluttag adapter)
Droppstorlek: 0,5 – 50μ
Tankvolym: 3,8
Vikt: 11,3kg (tom tank)

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