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Awareness and concern about the environmental impact of plastics has increased significantly in recent years. The aim is to eliminate the environmental problems associated with plastics and they should be completely replaced by an alternative material. However, plastics play an important role that we don't often think about. For Jokasafe to provide safe and reliable protective gloves, plastic or vinyl are important materials in this regard. Vinyl does not absorb or dissolve in anything. You can immerse Jokasafe® gloves in chemicals, oils and other mixtures without worrying that hazardous substances will be absorbed through the glove and into the skin. Vinyl is durable and can be reused many times, depending on the application. Despite this, Jokasafe wants to combat climate change and has added the next generation of vinyl, BIOVYN™, to its range of Jokasafe® bio-vinyl gloves that are manufactured as part of its sustainable development strategy.

What does biovinyl mean?

The main raw material for biovinyl products comes from Finnish coniferous forests. The 100% renewable vinyl raw material BIOVYN™ has been developed by INOVYN, Europe's leading vinyl producer. BIOVYN™ is made from wood, or rather a by-product of UPM's forest industry. This by-product is used to produce bioethene as a raw material for vinyl. Renewable BIOVYN™ reduces the carbon footprint by up to 74% compared to conventional fossil fuels. Biovinyl products have the same properties as conventional fossil vinyl products, which means they are still highly durable and offer excellent protection against chemicals and mechanical abrasion, as well as extreme weather conditions.


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