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Microbiological agent for wastewater treatment and odor control. Based on "good" bacteria that split and break down organic waste such as fat, protein, starch, soap residues, hair, etc. which otherwise results in poorer flow and increases the risk of stopping and bad odors. The microorganisms in Bio-A form a live bio-film on the inside of the pipes, releasing large amounts of natural enzymes, which attack new waste and release the coatings so that they are rinsed out of the drain. Chemical agents for wastewater treatment can open stoppers, but have no effect on the coatings that occur over time.

Packaging: 12x1L | 3x5L | 1x25L  

Danger: Causes serious eye damage. (H318)

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Bio-A is delivered in a ready-to-use solution.

Added daily in all sewers and toilets during the first week of treatment. Bio-A is then added to all sewers and toilets once a week. Should be added when the flow in the sewer is at its lowest, e.g. in the evening/ night.

Can be used


Households / Restaurants: 40ml (0.4 dl) dosed into each drain and each toilet once a day.

Industrial / Commercial: 700ml (0.7dl) per drain for two days, alternatively an automatic dosing system can be installed (recommended).

Municipal / Industrial wastewater treatment plants:

Start-up of systems that have never been treated with Bio-A :
- Day 1-90: 1 litre per day.
- Day 91-182: 0.8 litres per day.
- Day 182 - : 0.7 litres per day.

OBS! During the first month of Bio-A treatment, old deposits of sludge grease and other organic material will be loosened from the inside of the sewer pipe. This will cause an additional load on the drain facing the external sewer system. It is therefore of great importance to treat this extra to avoid blockages and clogging where it is most critical.


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