Alron Odox Odor control. Mold remediation and oxidizers. Product disinfectant Odox
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13 January 2016
Alron Citrox Mold remediation. Oxidizing agents. Product disinfectant Citrox
Alron Citrox ®
28 February 2016
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Microbiological agent containing a combination of microorganisms, stabilized enzymes and biodegradable odours, which together provide an immediate as well as long-term control of bad odors from all types of organic waste and spills ( milk, vomiting, faeces, blood, garbage, etc.). Ideal for cleaning toilets, bathrooms, garbage rooms, garbage bins, carpets and textile-covered furniture. Bio-Fresh is nature's own solution to odour control and is completely superior to all other environmental options.

Packaged: 12x1L | 3x5L | 1x25L


Article number: .BF105 Category:


- Forms a bacterial culture that starves/competes with the bacteria that otherwise produce bad odours.
- Encapsulates and masks bad odour as an acute measure while the decomposition process is ongoing.
- Leaves no hazardous chemical residues, all components are readily biodegradable.


Apply with pump spray, low pressure spray or with a wet joint joint directly on the spill.


Bio-Fresh should be used in combination with water.
Cleaning of wet surfaces: spray Bio-Fresh without dilution.
Cleaning of dry porous surfaces: spray Bio-Fresh diluted with 2 parts water.

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